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Introduction to Servolux Health

During one of our frequent visits to India we got in contact with a doctor. He gave us a syrup and told us to use it for at least 3 months and promised us that we would feel noticable "better". So we followed his instructions and took the syrup for more than a year and indeed started to feel much better after a couple of months. In fact, we are still taking the syrup today! 

So in 2007 we visited this doctor and asked him about this syrup. He told us that he makes the syrup himself following an old family recipy and based on the "Ajurveda", the medical tradition from India. He asked us if we would be interested in trying to bring this product to the western world. Since we had this very positive experience with the product we told him we would do our utmost best to bring this product to the western market.

So here we are proud to present our Ajurvedical

Syrup VitaReja

If your are interested in our VitaReja Elixer  please contact us!